Add a Blog

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A BLOG is a collaborative tool that allows students to post their personal reflections about the course or discuss and analyze course-related materials.  Blogs are visible to the instructor and TAs as well as to other students in the course, and by default all course users can comment on blog posts. Blogs can be added to any content area or directly to the course menu by using a TOOL LINK.

A Blog consists of:

  • Blog Entries: Text, images, links and attachments that are posted by students and are open for Comments.
  • Comments: Remarks or responses to Blog Entries made by others.

There are three different types of Blog:

  • Course Blogs:  All enrolled users are able to post Blog Entries and Comments to Blog Entries. The Instructor can edit and delete Blog Entries and can delete Comments.
  • Individual Blogs: Only the owner of the Blog is able to post Blog Entries. All other users enrolled in the Course are able to view and add Comments.
  • Group Blogs: All members enrolled in the Group are able to post Blog Entries or make Comments on Blog Entries. Groups must be created before group blogs can be enabled.
  1. Navigate to the content area where students will access the blog. Hover your mouse over Tools and select Blog from the list.
  2. On the next page click the Create New Blog button.
  3. Provide a Name for the blog.
  4. In the Instructions field provide any specific instructions for the use of the blog, such as content restrictions or frequency of posts.
  5. Click Yes to make the blog available to students.
  6. If desired, set specific dates and times when the blog will be available to students.
  7. Select either Individual or Course blog and deselect Allow Anonymous Comments.
  8. Determine if you would like blog entries organized by month or by week.
  9. You may wish to Allow Users to Edit and Delete Entries or Allow Users to Delete Comments. Users' edits. if any, will be accompanied by a date and time stamp.
  10. To enable grading, click the radio button next to Grade: Points Possible, then enter a point value. The blog tool will automatically create a GRADE CENTER column associated with this Blog.
  11. Click Submit.

Note: In order to view the students' entries for a blog, you may need to expand the name drop-down list on the blog page by clicking the arrow icon under your name.

Known Issue: Any attached images will have their width constrained to 350px.  Blackboard has slated a fix for a future release.