Add a Discussion Forum

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To Create a Discussion Board Forum:


1a. Navigate to the content area (eg. Course Materials) where you want students to access the discussion board.  Hover your mouse over Tools, then select Discussion Board.



1b. Navigate to the Discussion Board in your course menu or the Course Tools section in the Control Panel area.

  1. Click on the Create New Forum button.
  2. Provide a name for the discussion board and enter a description if desired.
  3. Forum Availability - Keep the default Yes next to Available if you want students to access it right away.  Standard date and time restriction options are available for the forum.
  4. Forum Settings – some common options you may want to consider:
    1. Viewing Threads/Replies - To promote originality, creativity, and a variety of responses, you can choose “Participants must create a thread to view other threads in this forum”. Students must respond before they can read their classmates' posts.  In Standard View, users can see all previously created threads in the forum.
    2. Grade Grade Forum: Points Possible, and enter a point value. If Grade Threads is enabled, only instructors and TAs can create new threads.  See our “Grade a Discussion Board Forum” help section for more detailed information.
    3. Subscribe – students can choose to opt-in to receiving email notifications of new posts.
    4. Create and Edit – It is recommended that “Allow Anonymous Posts” and “Allow Author to Delete Own Posts” remain deselected.  This prevents students from changing what they’ve stated in a post and possibly changing the context of the thread.  If a student makes an error in their post, they can simply reply to their own post with the correction.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. If you created the forum from within a content area (eg. Course Materials), ensure that the radio button next to Select a Discussion Board Forum is selected.  Highlight the forum you want to add to the content area, by clicking on its name.  Click Next.  Confirm the forum’s name and availability options for the content area page, and then click Submit.

Note: Instructors and student both post Threads and Reply’s in a Discussion Forum in the same way.  Please view how to post messages in Discussion Boards in our Student help section.


Video Demonstration