Add peerScholar

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To enable peerScholar in Your Portal Course:

  1. In the Control Panel expand Customization and select Tool Availability
    Expanded Customization area of the Control Panel, showing the Tool Availability item
  2. Scroll down to peerScholar and check the checkbox under Available
    The Tool availability page showing peerScholar and the available checkbox
  3. Click Submit at the bottom of the page
    The Cancel and Submit buttons at the bottom of the page
  4. Follow the steps below to add a tool link to peerScholar to either your Course Menu or any Content Area in your course.


To Add peerScholar to your Course Menu:

  1. Click the '+' plus button at the very top left of your Course Menu
  2. Select Tool Link
    The course menu
  3. Enter a Name for the link to peerScholar, select peerScholar from the end of the drop down menu, and check Available to Users
  4. Click Submit
    Adding a tool link


To Add peerScholar to a Content Area

  1. Select the Content Area (by default courses have two: Syllabus and Course Materials) from the Course Menu

  2. Click the Tools drop down menu and select peerScholar, you may have to click on More Tools to locate peerScholar
    The tools menu in a Content area

  3. On the following page add any additional details and configure the options, then click Submit.
    the cancel and submit buttons
  4. Select the peerScholar item that has been added.

    peerScholar in Blackboard

  1. Launch peerScholar.