Anonymous Grading

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Anonymous Grading allows you to prevent grading bias for important forms of assessment, adding another layer of fairness and impartiality to your grading.

Without knowing who submitted an assignment, you will not be unduly influenced by factors such as the student's previous performance, class participation, conflicts, race, gender, or perceived student aptitude. This practice can also contribute to the student-instructor relationship because students are assured that grading was unbiased.

As an additional step, you may also wish to ask students to not include any information that identifies them in your assignment instructions.


When creating an assignment, you can choose to hide student names when viewing and grading submissions. Students are alerted to the anonymous grading setting on the Upload Assignment page.

Enabling Anonymous Grading

In the Grading Options when setting up an assignment:

  1. Check the box to Enable Anonymous Grading
  2. Select when to Disable Anonymous Grading
    • On a Specific Date, or
    • After all submissions are graded.
      Note: If this option is chosen, a due date must be set for the assignment and all students must make a submission.
  3. Continue setting up the Assignment.

Grading Anonymous Submission

Accessing Anonymous Assignments

  1. Go to Control Panel >> Grade Centre >> Full Grade Center
  2. Open the options menu for the assignment's column and select Grade Attempts
  3. Select the User Attempt you wish to grade
  4. Grade the assignment as you would normally.


When an assignment is graded anonymously, the indicator "(Graded Anonymously)" will display in the Grade Details page for instructors to see

Students will see an icon displaying a grey human figure with a ? within it to indicate it was graded anonymously.


More information on Anonymous Grading can be found in Blackboard's documentation.