Assignments: Grading Submitted Files and Inline Grading

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Available as of December 21, 2017

Inline Grading in the Portal is changing. Learn more about how these changes affect you.



Once your students have submitted their assignments through the Blackboard Assignment feature, you will be able to view and grade their submitted assignment files through the Grade Center. Certain supported file types can now be viewed using inline grading directly from your browser.
You can also batch download assignment files or download individual assignment files for grading.

Graded assignments are sent back to students individually. 

NOTE: Blackboard does not provide a batch upload option for sending files back to students.

Grades for Assignments are entered in the Grade Detail page or in the corresponding Column and row in the Grade Center.


Locate the Assignments

  1. Go to Control Panel, select Grade Center.
  2. In the Full Grade Center, scroll horizontally to the column with the assignment's name.
    NOTE: If you are using a Mac and are unable to see the horizontal scrollbar, go to System Preferences > General > Show Scroll and set the option to Always.
  3. If submissions have been made, you will see yellow exclamation mark icons throughout the column.  This icon indicates that a submission requiring manual grading has been made.


View Submitted Assignment Files

  1. Click on the arrow action link beside an exclamation mark icon.
  2. From the drop-down menu select View Grade Details.
    View Grade Details Animation
  3. From the Grade Details page, you can see the current grade for the assignment or an exclamation mark if no grade has been assigned. You can also see the:
    a. Attempts submitted by the student for the assessment, if applicable
    b. Grade History tab for information on previous submissions and grades for this assessment
    View Grade Details Annotated
  4. Click the View Attempts button to view the submission(s).

Note: You could also view and grade submitted assignment files through Needs Grading.


Grading Attempts

  1. In the Grade Assignment page, under Submission you will see all of the files submitted by this student. Click the file names to download the submitted files.
  2. If the submitted file type is supported, you will be able to use inline grading to view, comment, and grade the submitted files directly in your browser. Please see the Inline Grading section below for more information. If the submitted file type is not supported, you will be prompted to download the file to your computer instead.
  3. In the grading panel on the right, enter a numeric value for the student's grade to the right of the current Attempt.
    Grading an Assignment
  4. You may choose to provide feedback in the Feedback to Learner field. If you do not see this field, click on the current Attempt in the grading panel.
    Grading an Assignment Animation
  5. You can attach an individual marking scheme or any other file to the work you are marking by clicking the paper clip icon in the bottom left of the Feedback to Learner box.
    NOTE: Any files that you upload must not contain spaces or special characters in the file name. Only numbers, letters, hyphens (-), and underscores (_) are permitted.
  6. You may optionally add any notes in the Grading Notes textbox, which will not be visible to the student.
  7. When you are finished click Submit to share the grade with the student.  If you still want to review the assignment, click on Save Draft to save your changes to the attempt.  Click on Cancel if you would like to quit without saving.

NOTE: Each attempt can receive a grade but the final grade delivered to the student is entered in the Grade Center.

Instructors can choose to grade multiple attempts in the Grade Center with the following Score Attempts options.  Score attempts options are available in the grade column menu item called Edit Column Information for the Assignment in the Grade Center.

  • Grade of Last Attempt
  • Grade of First Attempt
  • Highest Grade
  • Lowest Grade
  • Average of Attempt Grades

Blackboard will return you to the Grade Details page. To enter the grade for the next user, locate the navigation feature at the very top, right-hand corner of the web page and click on the arrow.  You will see the Grade Details page for the next student in your course. Repeat steps 1 through 7 above to record student grades and upload commented files for each additional student in your course.

If the Multiple Attempts option has been selected, each attempt will be logged in Grade Details.

When you have finished, scroll down to the bottom of a Grade Details page and click OK to return to the Grade Center.

Inline Grading

Inline grading allows course staff to view, comment, and grade student submissions directly within the browser.

NOTE: On December 21, 2017, Inline Grading is being updated to a new version. How does this affect you?

While workflow will not be drastically impacted, course staff will not be able to edit or remove annotations created before December 20th. Please see below for instructions on the new and old versions.

Please note: Annotation sessions expire after one hour. You will be prompted with a notification to save your current edits and refresh the page in order to continue.

Inline Grading Instructions - New Version (Box View)
Available as of December 21, 2017

Over 100 file types are supported, including Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx), Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx), and Adobe PDF (.pdf). Files that are not supported by inline grading can still be downloaded locally. View all supported file types.

highlighting text and adding annotations in box view

Note: If you see a blank page instead of a page that is similar to the screenshot above, please ensure that your browser allows 3rd party cookies. On most browsers, this setting can be changed under Settings > Privacy > Select "Always Allow". You may need to refresh the page afterwards to see the changes reflected.


Inline Grading Instructions - Old Version (Crocodoc)
Unavailable as of December 20, 2017

Supported file types include Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx), Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx), and Adobe PDF (.pdf). Files that are not supported by inline grading can still be downloaded locally. 

Assignment Inline Grading

Using the appropriate icons in the menu bar at the top, course staff can add comments or annotations to student submissions. Annotations are saved instantly, however the grade needs to be submitted in order for the annotated assignment and grade to be published to the Grade Center and student (if applicable).


Submission Receipts

Available as of May 8, 2017

While instructors should be able to see all submitted assignments by viewing the associated grade column in the Full Grade Centre, student assignment submissions can also be tracked by accessing the Grade Center's Submission Receipts feature.

Submission receipts are generated at the time of assignment submission by students and include the confirmation number, date and time stamp, and submission name and size. For groupwork, a receipt is generated for each group member when a student submits on behalf of the group, and the anonymous state of an assignment is respected. For assignments with multiple attempts, a different submission receipt code is generated for each attempt.

Students are also provided with submission receipts when they submit assignments. Instructors may wish to include in assignment instructions a recommendation that students take note of the receipt confirmation numbers upon assignment submission.

To view submission receipts:

In the Grade Center, select Reports, and then Submission Receipts.

Selecting reports from drop-down menu, followed by Submission Receipts.

Select your preferred options from the drop-down menu to view particular students.  To view submission receipts for all your students, select User Name - Not blank, and then select Go. Selecting a column heading will sort the items.

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