Colour Code the Grade Center

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CREATE COLOUR rules in the Grade Center are visual indicators to help you interpret information quickly. An instructor can create rules and apply colour to the cells in the Grade Center grid, either by grade or status. For example, you can use yellow to highlight graded items with failing scores so students and columns that require attention are prominent. Also, you can assign colours to the following grading statuses: In Progress, Needs Grading, or Exempt.

By default, colour coding is not enabled in the Grade Center and must be enabled by instructors. Colour coding can enabled in any Grade Center view. Once you define and save the colour rules, the colour coding applies to all views. This setting persists when the course is copied and restored.

Note:  If you create a rule that contains some of the same information as another rule, the system generates a warning, allowing you to edit your criteria.

NB: This menu is an expandable and collapsible menu. If it is collapsed, click on the caret to the left of the menu item to expand the menu.

  1. Go to Control Panel. Click on Grade Center and select Full Grade Center.
  2. Click Manage to access the drop-down list and then click Grading Color Codes.
  3. Check box for Enable Grading Color Codes.
  4. In the Color Coding Options section there are 2 options to select colour codes:

    a. Colours can be defined for each Grading Status (e.g., In Progress, Needs Grading and Exempt). Click the Action Link, represented by two downward pointing arrows, to access the contextual menu containing to the Swatch Color box. Select a colour in the Swatch Color box and click Apply to save.
    b. In the Grade Ranges section:
    • Click Add Criteria to create a colour rule.
    • In the Criteria drop-down, select Between, More Than, or Less Than.
    • Type a percentage in the box or boxes.
    • For Background and Text, click the Action Link to access the Swatch Color box.
    • Select a colour and click Apply to save it.
    • Click Add Criteria to create an additional Grade Ranges field.
  5. The Full Grade Center page appears with a green bar along the top with a success message stating that the colour coding is updated. Colours based on your rules appear in the affected cells.