Completing a Test or Survey

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Completing online tests and surveys in Blackboard can be made simpler by following the preparation tips and instructions outlined below.


  • Review the Blackboard Software and Hardware Recommendations website to check that your system is compatible with Blackboard;
  • Verify that your browser is certified by Blackboard for your computer’s operating system;
  • Remove any adware, spyware and viruses from your computer;
  • If you want to resize or refresh the browser, do it before you start the test;
  • Turn off third-party browser extensions, toolbars, etc.;
  • Make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off;
  • Use a wired connection to connect to the internet, as wireless connectivity issues may prevent you from completing your test;
  • Leave only one browser window open, unless otherwise specified by your instructor;
  • Just before the test log out and log back into Blackboard, to ensure that the system does not log you out in the middle of a test or survey;
  • Take any practice tests made available by your instructor, to familiarize yourself with the test and survey layout in Blackboard.


  1. Enter your Blackboard course and navigate to the test or survey;
  2. Click only once on the test or survey you want to take, and wait for the test page to launch. Be patient, depending on the test content it may take time for the test to load;
  3. To start taking the test or survey, click on the Begin button only once;
  4. When taking the test or survey follow any instructions provided by your instructor;
  5. Do not use the browser Back and Forward navigation buttons when taking the test. Blackboard will provide you with separate navigation buttons if you are allowed to navigate between questions during the test;
  6. Using the Save Answer button you can you can save individual answers as you proceed through the test;
  7. When finished you can click the Save All Answers button or go to the last question for final submission;
  8. If you are ready to submit your answers to your professor click the Save and Submit button;
  9. On the dialog box, click OK to confirm your submission.

If your instructor has enabled this option, you may be able to check your test score or survey

  1. If this option is enabled an OK button will appear on the test confirmation page;
  2. Click OK once to view your test score. For surveys, you will only see ‘Completed’ in the Status field.