Content Editor

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The new CONTENT EDITOR enables content creation through an accessible interface. Simply add rich content, such as Mashups, expand the Content Editor for Full-Frame editing, resize images and simple icons on the toolbar. There are two views of the Content Editor, Simple and Advanced Mode. To change the view, click on the icon () on the upper right corner of the Content Editor.

Simple Mode, contains a small set of the most used text formatting functions. Click the show more icon  () to access more editor functions.

Advanced Mode, includes all of the available formatting and attachment functions. Click the show less icon () to view only one row of editor functions.

Content Editor Features

Feature Description
Bold, italicize, underline and strikethrough the selected text
Font type. Click on the down arrow and choose the desired font
Font size. Click on the down arrow and choose the desired font size
Lists. Click on the down arrow and choose the desired list type. Options include, default (disc), circle (outlined circle), disc or square
Text colour. Click on the down arrow and choose the desired colour.
Highlight text. Select the text and click on the down arrow and select highlighted colour.
Remove formatting. Select the text and click on the eraser icon, this will remove all formatting.
Preview Window. Allows you to view how the content will appear once it is saved.
Content editor Help. Provides you with a description of each content editor feature.
Fullscreen. Allows you to expand the content editor to a full screen view.
Cut, copy, and paste content within the content editor.
Find and Replace text. Click on the icon, a pop-up window will appear, allowing you to search for keywords. There is also an option to replace a word with another.
Undo (left pointing arrow) and Redo (right pointing arrow), will enable you to undo or redo edits within the Content Editor.
Align text. Allows you to align text within the Content Editor by highlighting the desired text and selecting how you want the text to be aligned (left, center, right and full).
Indent text. To 'out-dent' text, click on the left pointing arrow. To 'indent' text, click on the right pointing arrow.
Superscript and Subscript. Allows you to add smaller font size text to the top right or bottom right of a character.
Hyperlink. Allows you to insert a link to a website or remove an inserted link in the Content Editor.
Line. Allows you to insert a line across the width of the text area.
Nonbreaking space. Allows you to insert a fixed space in between characters.
Spellcheck. Allows you to check to see if there are any spelling mistakes.
Insert/embed file(s), image(s), and video(s) from your computer or content collection.
Math Editor. Allows you to access the formula editor to create and insert formulas and functions.
Mashups. Allows you to add a YouTube video, SlideShare presentation or Flickr photo into the content editor.
Add in various emoticons, quotes and symbols into the Content Editor.
Anchor. Allows you to secure objects (i.e., pictures) into place.
Tables. Allows you to easily insert and edit tables.
Column and rows. Allows you to easily add or remove rows or columns.
Merge Table Cells. Allows you to combine or split table cells.
Allows you to view the HTML code and the cascading style sheets.