Course Lifecycle

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This tipsheet will help you plan to build, update, and backup your Blackboard course.  Where applicable, tasks suggested here are linked to a relevant tipsheet that will help you complete that task.

IMPORTANT: As the University of Toronto is transitioning to a new LME, Portal/Blackboard courses will all cease to be available after August 31, 2018. Toolbox Renewal updates and project timelines are posted on the Academic Toolbox Renewal website.

We recommend you backup your Blackboard course content using one of the methods outlined on the Exporting, Archiving and Saving Course Content page.


 4 months before the first class    
 2 months before the first class  
  •  Students are enrollled into courses from ROSI
 One week before the first class      
 During the course      
 Last day of class      
  • Download Grade Center
  • Export and archive your course
  • Backup Course Files or copy them to My Content
  • Submit final grades to department
 5 months after the last class  
  • Students are un-enrolled and do not have access to the course
  • Student information and student grades do not appear in the Grade Center

 1 year after the last class for single term courses; 
 9 months after the last class for courses running multiple terms


NOTE: All Portal/Blackboard courses will cease to be available after August 31, 2018 due to the transition to the Quercus/Canvas LME.

  • Course information is no longer updated from ROSI
  • Course is deactivated and unavailable to instructor and other course staff
  • Blackboard Collaborate webinar recordings are deleted