Create an Advanced Group Using Enrollments from a Tutorial

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If you are the instructor of a course with several tutorial sections for which students have enrolled through ROSI, Blackboard will automatically generate several “courses” representing the lecture section and each tutorial section. You may wish to organize these sections by creating GROUPS. Each Group will represent an individual tutorial section.

To do this, you will create tutorial groups using the Baseline Roster. The Baseline Roster in a Blackboard Course (e.g. the Course representing a lecture section) reflects the enrollment of your other Courses in Blackboard (including Courses representing tutorials).

NB: Baseline Rosters, once used to create a Group, are not automatically updated if student enrollment changes in ROSI (although the enrollment of the Blackboard Course from which it is derived will continue to be automatically updated). If student enrollment changes, it may therefore be necessary to manually update the Baseline Rosters. To avoid any confusion, it is recommended that you either 1) Create Groups using Baseline Rosters after the add period has ended; or 2) Clear each group of all students and then update the Baseline Rosters.

NB: This menu is an expandable and collapsible menu. If it is collapsed, click on the caret to the left of the menu item to expand the menu.

  1. Go to Control Panel. Click on Course Tools and select UT Manage Groups.
  2. Hover your cursor over the Create Group button and select Advanced Group from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter a Name and an optional Description for the Group.
  4. Under Baseline Roster click the Search button.
  5. On the Search screen, click the Add button beside the course that you would like to use as a Baseline Roster.

    You can create groups representing students from multiple tutorial sections by adding more than one course.
  6. Once you have added the course or courses you wish to use as your Baseline Rosters, close the window (by clicking on the X button in the upper right hand corner) to return to the Create a New Group page.
  7. Under Group Configuration, select the tools to which you want the group members to have access.
  8. To make the group available to your students set Make Group Visible Now to Yes.
  9. Click Submit.

Updating Group Members

Group members are not automatically updated based on the student enrollment changes in ROSI. Since students are able to drop or enroll in the course on ROSI up until the add/drop deadline, it is advisable to clear and update the baseline rosters for any existing groups in your course after this date has passed.

To update the student enrollments in existing groups that are using baseline rosters:

  1. Go to Control Panel, then Course Tools, and select UT Manage Groups
  2. Select all the groups and click on Clear Students from Selected at the bottom
  3. Once the students have been unassigned from all the groups, then click on the Assign Students to Groups button at the top
  4. Then, select Use Baseline Rosters