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The ASSIGNMENT tool has several functions:

  • It allows you to distribute assignments to students, individually or in groups.
  • It automatically adds a new column to the Grade Center for each student reflecting the assignment name and points possible.
  • It allows you to collect completed assignments electronically. Submitted assignments are automatically added to Grade Center, where you can assign grades and provide feedback to each student on the assignment.


  1. Ensure that Edit Mode is ON.
  2. Click on a Content Area (e.g. Course Materials) in the left hand course menu.
  3. Point to Assessments and select Assignment from the drop down menu.
  4. Enter a Name for the assignment.
  5. (Optional:) Enter Instructions for students about completing or submitting the assignment.
  6. (Optional:) If you have files associated with the assignment that you would like to distribute to students (e.g. an assessment rubric or assignment instructions), locate and attach these files. If you have uploaded your files to the Content Collection (see Add a File to the Content Collection), click Browse for Content Collection Item. If your assignment file is on your personal computer, click Browse for Local File.
    a. Enter a name for the file in the Name of link to file field. This name will appear to students as a link and will be associated 
        with the file once downloaded by a student. If the field is left blank, the file name is used as the link.
    b. Click Attach File. (If you have selected the wrong file, click Do Not Attach to cancel.)
  7. (Optional) Enter Due Date. Submissions are accepted after this date, but are noted as Late in Grade Center.
  8. Enter Points Possible. Note: This represents the scale used to mark the assignment (e.g. /5 or /100) and not the relative weight of the assignment within your syllabus. If no marks will be assigned for the assignment, enter 0.
  9. Click Submission Details
    a. Select whether submissions will be done by Individual students, by Groups, or as a Portfolio.
    Note: groups must be set up prior to selecting this option. Only users already assigned to the selected groups will be able to view, download, and submit the assignment.  Also, Student Preview may not fully display content for Group Assignments.
    b. Select the number of attempts: Allow Single Attempt, or Unlimited Attempts or Multiple Attempts if each student will be submitting more than one version of the assignment.
    Submission details options
  10. (Optional:) Click Grading Options if you wish to enable Anonymous Grading
    NOTE: Please DO NOT enable Delegated Grading until further notice. There is a known issue with Delegated Grading and Reconcile Grades.
    Grading Options selection
  11. Click Display of Grades to Configure the Grade Center Column settings:
    Settings which control availability and presentation of grades to students
  12. Make sure Make the Assignment Available is checked.
  13. (Optional) set Date and Time Restrictions. Students will only be able to view, download, and submit the assignment file and instructions between the times specified.
  14. (Optional) check or select Track the Number of Views. This will tell you who has viewed the assignment, and when.
  15. Click Submit.

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