Create Audio

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Blackboard now supports embedding audio files within content areas. 

A preferred method for including multi-media files to your course is to upload them to MyMedia* and then link these into your Blackboard course using Web Lin

*Note: Recent changes to MyMedia have affected existing links to multi-media files uploaded to MyMedia. If you are receiving an error message when selecting the current multi-media links to files posted on MyMedia, please update the embed code.

To Upload an Audio File Directly into Your Course

  1. Hover your mouse over Build Content then select Audio.
  2. Click Browse My Computer to locate the file on your local computer or Browse Content Collection to select it from Blackboard's content collection.
  3. Provide a Name for this file. Students will click on the file name to acess the auido file. 
  4. Specify Audio Options. You can choose to have the audio file play automatically upon opening, have the audio file loop and/or align the file with course goals. 
  5. Specify Standard Options. You can choose to make the fie available to students, track the number of views and/or add date and time restrictions
  6. Click Submit.
  7. When the green success confirmation appears: audio clip has been added.