Create Grading Periods

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The Grade Center has features that allow Instructors, TAs and Graders to customize the way data in the Grade Center is displayed to make information easier to enter and review.  This includes the ability to create Grading Periods in the Grade Center.
Grading Periods are used to sort Grade Center Columns into sections based on the due date of tests and assignments. You can then enter and review data for a Grading Period instead of the entire Grade Center. To create a grading period:

  1. Click on the double arrow action link on the Manage button and select Grading Periods.
  2. On the Grading Periods screen, click Create Grading Period. 

  3. Enter a Name and an optional Description for the Grading Period.
  4. Click on Range and enter the Dates you wish to associate with the Grading Period.  These dates should span the due dates of any tests and assignments you wish to include in this Grading Period.
  5. Click Associate Columns.  This will automatically include all Grade Columns with due dates that fall within the dates identified above in this Grading Period, and will allow you to use the Grading Period to organize the Grade Center.
  6. Click Submit.

NOTE: Once you have created your Grading Periods, you can choose to view only the Grade Columns associated with a particular Grading Period:

  1. In Grade Center, click on the drop down menu next to Current View and select the Grading Period you would like to view.
  2. If you would like to set a particular Grading Period as your default view (so that you will see this Grading Period automatically each time you enter Grade Center), click Set as Default next to the Current View button.