Create a Survey

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SURVEYS are useful for polling purposes, evaluations, and random checks of knowledge. They function in the same way as TESTS and offer most of the same options. Surveys differ from Tests in the following ways:

  • Surveys are anonymous
  • Questions on surveys cannot be assigned points
  • Instructors cannot give students feedback
  • Surveys cannot be graded
  • Surveys results are viewed under Attempt Statistics in the GRADE CENTER. This page will show how students responded to questions on the survey by percentage.

  1. Navigate to the content area where you would like students to access the survey.
  2. Hover your mouse over the Assessments button and select Survey.
  3. Click the Create button.
  4. This will bring you to the Survey Information screen. Here, provide a name for your survey, a description of the survey and instructions on how to complete the survey. The name you provide here will also be used as the name of the survey column in Grade Center.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Hover your mouse over the Create Question button. A list of 17 different question types will appear, click on your desired question type.
  7. This will bring you to the Create/Edit screen where you can input your question text, supply a list of responses, as well as tag and categorize questions.
  8. When you have finished composing the question click Submit.
  9. The question you just created will appear in the survey canvas. Here, you can verify the question text and responses.
  10. Repeat these steps 6 through 9 until you have created all of your survey questions.
  11. When you have finished click OK, in the bottom right corner of the page.
  12. On the next page highlight the name of the survey you have just created and click Submit.
  13. On the next page, confirm the survey name and description, and select the Yes radio button next to Make the Link Available to make the survey available to students.
  14. Specify any additional availability options.
  15. If desired, enter a due date.
  16. Specify how you would like feedback displayed to students.
  17. Specify how survey questions are submitted to students.
  18. Click Submit.

Please Note:
Each question type requires you to input different kinds of information. For specific instructions regarding each individual question type please see the More Help link in the Create/Edit Screen.