Create a Turnitin Assignment

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Notes: Turnitin became available in the Portal on August 15, 2016.

Before using Turnitin, instructors must adhere to the University's Turnitin Conditions of Use. To learn more about Turnitin, please visit the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation's website.

Instructors may also wish to inform students that a valid University of Toronto email address must be entered into ROSI in order to submit to a Turnitin assignment.

Turnitin Assignments allow students to submit their assignments directly to Turnitin while still remaining within the Learning Portal.  Instructors can then access the Originality Reports and download the submissions through the same tool. To learn more, please see Review Turnitin Assignment Submission.

Important: The Turnitin Assignment only provides Originality Reports; there are no features for grading or for providing feedback. We recommend creating a parallel Blackboard Assignment, or using a similar online assignment submission tool that is supported at U of T.


Experiencing issues using Turnitin? See technical updates and troubleshooting for more information.


Create a Turnitin Assignment - Video

Create a Turnitin Assignment - Instructions

Note on student email addresses


Create a Turnitin Assignment - Video


Create a Turnitin Assignment - Instructions

Note: With the exception of Step 8, all steps below are required. Reading Step 8 is highly recommended.

  1. Ensure that Edit Mode is ON.

    Ensure edit mode is on

  2. Click on a Content Area (e.g. Course Materials) in the left-hand course menu.
  3. On the Content Area screen, click Assessments on the menu bar and then select Assessment from the drop-down menu.
  4. In the Name field, enter an assignment name (e.g. Essay) and click Submit and Launch.

    IMPORTANT: No further changes are required on this page before clicking Submit and Launch. Please ignore all other fields on the page.
  5. On the following page, click the Settings tab. More information about each feature in the Settings tab can be obtained by hovering over the question mark symbol.
    Image for Turnitin Settings

    Note: If you are working at a lower resolution, are zoomed in or using a handheld device such as a tablet, your Settings display may look different. If so, please click on the menu on the top right to locate the Settings button, as shown below.
    Select top right menu to view Settings button
  7. Enter the Assignment Instructions if desired.
  8. Set the Start Date and Due Date. Students will only be allowed to submit once the start date and time has passed. After the due date and time, students will no longer be able to submit papers, unless Allow Late Submissions are enabled (see next step).
    Note: If you do not enter a due date, the Due Date will be automatically set at 1 week from the current date.
    In addition, the Feedback Release Date currently has no effect. Please ignore this field.
  9. Expand the Optional Settings section by selecting it.
    A. Allow Late Submissions: Select whether students are allowed to submit papers after the due date and time has passed. It is recommended to allow late submissions to help increase the number of Originality Reports. Please note that students can only make a late submission if they have not previously submitted a paper prior to the due date.
    B. Compare Submitted Papers: Select which sources you would like the student submissions to be checked against. It is recomended to select all of the sources.
    C. Originality Report Generation and Resubmissions: Select when the Originality Reports are generated and whether students can resubmit their papers prior to the due date. It is recommended to select Generate reports immediately (resubmissions are allowed until due date). This option allows students to resubmit and overwrite their assignment as often as needed until the due date. Only the latest submission is available to the student and instructor. No resubmissions are allowed after the due date. Please note that there is a 24 hour delay for generating Originality Reports for all resubmissions.
    D, E, F. Exclude Bibliographic Materials, Quoted Materials, Small Matches: Select whether certain items are excluded from being checked. These options can help to reduce the number of false positives generated in the Originality Report.
    G. Allow Students to View Originality Reports: Select whether students can see their Originality Reports. Providing students with access to the Originality Reports can help them better understand how Turnitin works and provide an opportunity to discuss plagiarism.
    H. Submissions to This Assignment Will Be Stored In: Select whether the submitted papers are retained in the Institution Paper Repository for the University of Toronto. It is recommended to use the Institution Paper Repository.
    I. Save These Options as Your Defaults: Select whether the options you selected for this assignment will be saved as your default when creating Turnitin assignments in the future.
    Optional settings for Turnitin Assignments
  10. Click Submit.
Important note about student email addresses: The Turnitin integration automatically uses email addresses to create accounts.  Students without valid University of Toronto email addresses entered into ROSI have no email address in the Learning Portal.  These students will not be able to submit to a Turnitin Assignment, and will receive an error message when they attempt to.  Students are responsible for entering an appropriate email address in ROSI, however, changes to ROSI can take 24-48 hours before they are reflected in the Learning Portal.  Please make sure to inform your students to verify their email address and update as necessary.  Students can view the email address associated with their Portal account by accessing the Send Email tool, which will list their email address in the From field.