Define Weighted Total

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Once Grade Columns for all graded work have been added to the Grade Center, you can use the Weighted Column to define the respective weight of each piece of work in the overall course grade and automatically calculate a Weighted Grade.

The Weighted Grade displayed in this column will be automatically calculated based on the marks entered for individual assignments in the Grade Columns and the information entered here. In the Grade Center:

  1. In the Grade Center, click on the caret to the right of the Weighted Total column. Select Edit Column Information from the drop down menu.

    NOTE: By default this column is shown to students. You might want to hide this grade column from students until you are ready to release this information.
  2. Column Name and Description have default values.  You can change these if you wish.
  3. Select Primary Display and Secondary Display (see Add Grade Columns for details about display options).
  4. Under Columns to Select click on the Grade Column you wish to weight.

    NOTE: If you have organized some of your Grade Columns into Categories and, the Categories to Select option allows you to allocate a portion of the final course grade to an entire category of assessments (e.g. journal entries or discussion board posts), drop grades within a category before calculating a weighted total, or use only certain grades within a category when calculating a weighted total.
  5. Use the arrow to move this Grade Column or Category to Selected Columns.

    NOTE: Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each Grade Column or Category you wish to include in calculating the final grade for the course.
  6. For each Grade Column or Category, enter the percent of the total final grade for the course allocated to that assignment, test, or exam.  Percentages should total 100.
  7. Select whether or not you wish to Calculate as Running Total. If “Yes,” only graded assessments will be used in calculating the total displayed under Weighted Total.  If “No,” ungraded assessments will be assigned a value of 0.
  8. Select column Options

    a. Include this Column in Grade Center Calculations.  If “Yes,” recorded marks will automatically be used in calculating students’ total course grades.
    b. Show this Column to Students.  If “Yes,” students will be able to see the grade they have received for this assignment in My Grades.
    c. Show Statistics for this column to Students in My Grades.  If “Yes,” students will be able to see the class average and median for the assignment.
  9. Click Submit.