Download and Upload Grades

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Full or partial records can be downloaded from Grade Center (see Download Information from Grade Center). Once downloaded, grades can be filed and stored or added or changed offline (see Update Grades Offline) and, later, uploaded to the Grade Center (see Upload Information to Grade Center) to update student grades.

Download information from Grade Center
You might wish to download your grades to keep electronic or paper records of entered grades, or in order to add or update grades offline (see Update Grades Offline below). To download information from Grade Center:

In Grade Center:

  1. Click Work Offline.
  2. Select Download.
  3. Select Data To Download:

    a. Full Grade Center.  This will download all user and assignment information.

    NOTE: If you download the Full Grade Center, comments on individual grades are NOT saved in the download.  To save comments, see Select Column below.

    b. Select Column.  This allows you to download the grades (and comments, if you check “Include Comments for this Column”) for one assignment, or to download grade totals or weighted totals.
    c. User Information Only.  This will download your class list (see View and Download Your Class List).
  4. Select the Delimiter Type: Comma or Tab (recommended – can be opened directly as an Excel or compatible spreadsheet).
  5. Select whether to Include Hidden Information.  Hidden information refers to the columns and users, if any, that have been hidden on the Grade Center View (see Hide or Show Grade Columns to Instructors, TAs and Graders). It does not refer to information not visible to students in My Grades (see Hide or Show a Grade Column to Students).
  6. Select the Download Location.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. If you have chosen to download grades to your computer, a Download Grades screen will appear. Click Download to save the file to the location specified on the previous screen.

Update Grades Offline
To add or change grades in a downloaded file, locate the Grade Center file and open it as a spreadsheet.  The document should look much like the online Grade Center View, with the same columns and existing data. Add or change grades in the relevant cells, and save the updated document.

NOTE: Do not make any changes to column headings.  Each heading contains a unique identifier that must remain the same in order for the upload to work properly.

NOTE: When saving a changed Grade Center file, make sure to keep your file in a Unicode Text (*.txt) file format. Click Yes if you receive a prompt like one below when saving.

Upload Information to Grade Center
NOTE: Only Excel files that were originally downloaded from Grade Center can be uploaded to Grade Center. It is not possible to upload a file originally created by an Instructor, TA or Grader.

  1. In Grade Center, click Work Offline and select Upload from the drop down menu.
  2. Browse to locate the file on your local computer or, if you have uploaded it to the content collection (see Add a File to the Content Collection), in the content collection.
  3. Select the Delimiter Type. Auto will attempt to automatically detect the delimiter used in the selected file.
  4. Click Submit to upload the selected file.
  5. An Upload Grades Confirmation screen will appear with a list of the Grade Columns that will be uploaded.  This screen will help you review the information to be uploaded, and will allow you to select columns to upload. (Note: Don’t be alarmed if you see red lines; they are there for shading and don’t indicate a problem with your data.)
    -  The Match column verifies that the columns in your file match the existing Grade Columns in Grade Center.
    -  The Data Preview column displays a sample of the data in that column.
    -  You may receive a Some Invalid Data message if data was entered in an incorrect format (e.g. if text instead of numerical data was entered).  If you receive this message, click Cancel at the bottom of the screen and review the data in the original file.
    -  If you wish to upload only certain information (e.g. a single column representing one assignment), use the check boxes under Upload to de-select any data you wish to exclude from the upload.
  6. Click Submit to confirm and upload the file.  You can review the changes in Grade Center.