Edit Letter Grade Schema

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The default settings for letter grades in Blackboard reflect the undergraduate grading scheme outlined in the UofT Grading Practices Policy. If your division or department uses another grading scheme (e.g. the UofT graduate grading scheme), make sure that you modify the grade definitions BEFORE you assign marks to your students. You can change the numeric values of letter grades in the Grade Center by manually adjusting the letter grade schema.

  1. In the Grade Center, hover your mouse over the Manage button and select Grading Schemas;

  1. On the Grading Schemas screen, click on the round contextual menu button to the right of Letter and select Edit;

  1. Edit the Schema Mapping as required:
    1. Delete any unnecessary rows by clicking on Delete Row;
    2. Add additional rows by clicking on the Insert Rows arrow;

  1. Modify the Grades Scored Between and the Will Equal columns to reflect your grading scheme.

  1. Click Submit.

N.B. The system alows the uppermost value in a grading scheme to be over 100%