Edit or Delete a Journal Entry

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JOURNALS can be used by students for private reflection or private communication with the instructor. By default, journals are visible only to the student and the instructor, and only the student and the instructor are able to comment on journal entries. However, instructors have the option to make specific journals visible to other course users. Journals can be added to any Content Area or directly to the course menu by using a TOOL LINK. Instructors can edit and delete their own journal entries, as well as any entry posted by a student.  Students can edit or delete journal entries only if this option has been enabled by the instructor in the journal settings.

To edit or delete a journal entry:

  1. Navigate to the journal entry you want edit or delete, then click the contextual menu button next to its title.
  2. In the contextual menu, click Delete to delete the post; click Edit to edit the post.
  3. If edit was selected, you will be taken to an edit screen where you can edit the journal entry.
  4. If desired, add file attachments to the post by clicking either the Browse My Computer for local files, or the Browse for Content Collection for files stored in the content collection.
  5. Click Post Entry to make the edited post available to course users.