Edit Survey Options

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Once a SURVEY has been created it can be EDITED. A warning page appears if any students are in the process of taking the Survey or have already taken the Survey when Edit is selected. A survey that has already been deployed to students should not be changed in any way. Instructors and TAs can both edit existing questions and add new questions to a Survey. Note: Certain areas of the Survey are not available to edit if the Survey has already been taken by students. New survey questions can be created within the survey canvas, imported from existing surveys or POOLS, or uploaded from a local computer or the CONTENT COLLECTION.  

  1. Navigate to the survey.
  2. Click on the contextual menu button next to the survey, and then select Edit Survey Options.
  3. Make changes to the survey name, instructions, description, availability, feedback, and presentation options, as necessary.
  4. To finish, click Submit.