Effective Management of a Session

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Audio and Video Setup - Upon entering a new session, you should first run the Audio and Video setup wizard.  This tool will take you through configuring your headphones or speakers, microphone, and webcam.  You should also direct any participants who wish to use their microphone or webcam during the session to also run the wizard.  The wizard tool can be found in the top right hand corner of the Video window and looks like a microphone with a red asterisk on it.  You will see the same icon appear beside their name in the Participants window as they each run through the wizard.

Audio Setup Wizard Quick Reference Guide

Audience check-in - As the participants join the session and complete their Audio Setup Wizard, you should ask them to check-in using one of the feedback tools available in the Participants' window.  For example, have them enter a green checkmark if they can see and hear you clearly.  This allows the participants to become familiar with some of the tools that might be used during the session as well as informing you that they are ready to proceed.

Recording - A moderator can start recording the session at any time.  When a moderator first enters a session they will be prompted to start the recording immediately. Moderators may wish to delay the start of recording until all or most participants have arrived and finished any setup that is necessary.

Loading Presentations - Loading and converting PowerPoint or OpenOffice presentations can take a while depending on the size and length of the presentation.  Join the session at least 15 minutes before it is scheduled to start to allow time to load the presentation.  If the presentation is exceptionally large, moderators can load the presentation and save it locally as a Collaborate Slide Deck, which will load considerably quicker.  See the page on Sharing Presentations for more information.



Best practices for using the Collaborate webinar tool in a teaching and learning capacity will be forth coming from the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation.


Post Session

Stopping or Finishing a Recording - Once a session has completed, the moderator should stop the recording before leaving the Collaborate Session.  The session will remain open until the last attendee exits; if a recording is still on, it will continue to record the session until that person leaves.  This could create a much longer recording than intended.

Viewing or Sharing a recorded session - If the session was recorded, the resulting recording will become available to all course members via the Recordings tab in the Collaborate Session Manager.  There can be a delay of a few hours before the recording is available, this delay is mainly dependant on the length of the session.