Enable peerScholar in Your Portal Course

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To Add peerScholar to a Content Area

Note: these instructions apply to peerScholar version 3

  1. Select the Content Area (by default courses have two content areas, "Syllabus" and "Course Materials") from the Course Menu
    Screen shot of default navigation menu in Portal course with "Course Materials" emphasized by red rectangular outline
  2. Click the Assessment drop down menu and select peerScholar
    Screen snapshot of the assessment drop down menu in a content area of a Blackboard course with peerScholar selected
  3. On the following page, you can edit the name of the peerScholar assessment, add any additional details and configure the options, then click Submit.

Screen snapshot of first part of settings page for a peerScholar assessment




 (the yellow exclamation mark which appears will have no effect on the settings you enter on this page)


   4. Select the peerScholar item that has been added.

peerScholar in Blackboard

  1. Click once more to launch peerScholar.

    Screen shot of link to launch peerScholar from a Portal course

  2. You will then be taken to the peerScholar interface, directly into the activity you just created.
    In peerScholar you can then customize the activity's settings.