Full Grade Center

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GRADE CENTER in Blackboard can help you to organize student grades and feedback, and allows you to share this information with students (if you choose) and with other Instructors, TAs, and Graders in the course.

Instructors and teaching assistants with access to Grade Center can:

  • Review and download the class list,
  • Add and edit student grades and feedback,
  • Share information with students about their performance in the course, and
  • Calculate final course grades.

While only Instructors, TAs and Graders have access to Grade Center, students can review their own performance in the course through their My Grades page.

Student grades can be provided and managed for assignments, tests, discussion posts, journals, blogs, and wikis, and for tests or surveys. Grade columns can be created for any activity or method of assessment you want to grade such as special projects or essays.

NOTE: The Repository of Student Information (ROSI) is the official system recognized by the University of Toronto for student grades.  Students should understand that My Grades allows them early access to preliminary grades, but does not represent their official final marks. For more information on University of Toronto policies and guidelines regarding the posting and distribution of grades, please visit the Q and A for Instructors under FIPPA on the website of the Vice-President and Provost at http://www.provost.utoronto.ca/policy/.

Accessing the Full Grade Center

NB: This menu is an expandable and collapsible menu. If it is collapsed, click on the caret to the left of the menu item to expand the menu.

  1. Go to Control Panel.  Click Grade Center and then click Full Grade Center.

The FULL GRADE CENTER is the default view of the Grade Center. It resembles a spreadsheet and displays all columns and rows in the Grade Center. Each row is populated by a student enrolled in the course. Student information if fed from ROSI to Blackboard. Each column includes information for an item, such as an assignment, test, graded blog entry, or survey. You can also use columns to calculate grades. Grades and comments can be provided directly on the Grade Center page, on the Grade Details page, and from a tool, such as the Discussion Board.

You are able to customize your view of the Grade Center and create Grading Schemas, Grading Periods, Categories, and columns to present and gather grading information.

  1. Action Buttons — Where you can Create Columns, Manage your Grade Center etc.
  2. Work Offline button — Where you can download your Grade Center for offline use and then upload your Grade Center.
  3. Options to view and organize the Grade Center and gather cell-specific information from the Grade Information Bar: including Grade Type, Points Possible, Grade Format etc.
  4. The spreadsheet in the Grade Center is where grades are entered and calculated. Each student in the class has a unique row and every Grade Center item has its own column.
  5. Icon Legend: Convenient definitions of the icons used in the Grade Center.