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Learn about the definitions for the words and terminology specific to our academic toolbox here!

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Adaptive Release:

Adaptive Release controls the release of content including Content Items, Assignments and Tests to users based on a set of rules. The rules may be related to availability, date and time, individual users, group membership, scores or attempts on any Grade Center item, calculated columns in Grade Center, or review status of an item in the Course. The Adaptive Release tool can be accessed through the item's contextual menu.



Content Area:

A top level container that can be used to share course materials and provide links to content that has been added to the course, such as course syllabus, readings, assignments, and tests. Content Areas appear as links on the course menu. Syllabus and Course Materials are two default Content Areas in all Blackboard courses when they are first created. Additional Content Areas can be created through the Add button button to the top-left corner of the course menu.


Content Collection:

The Content Collection is a file repository and file management system that provides private online space for every user, course and organization and a flexible area for departments and faculties. Once uploaded, files can be shared with other users, linked to courses, and even emailed to people outside of Blackboard.


Content Item:

Content Item refers to course materials such as a file, image and text that is added to a course. Content Items can include a description and attachments. As you create a Content Item, you can set its options, such as availability. This enables you to create content and make it unavailable to users until you are ready for them to view it.


Contextual Mneu:

Throughout Blackboard Learn, items that are acted upon by a user have a contextual menu associated with them. The contextual menu is accessed when the Action Link is clicked. The Action Link appears as a grey circle with the down arrow icon Contextual Menu on the right side of the item. Clicking this icon displays options that are available to the user for that item.


Course Menu:

The course menu appears on the left side of the course page. It can includes links to course content, such as Annoncements page, Content Areas, Blackboard Tools, external links, course links and module pages.

Course Menu



Interactive Tools:

Interactive Tools refer to the tools that are used for self-reflection, collaboration, and communication. Discussion boards, Blogs, Journals and Wikis are Blackboard Interactive Tools that allow you to provide rich assignments and evaluate students in authentic ways where students can share and create knowledge.