Grade a Discussion Board Forum

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The DISCUSSION BOARD tool enables and encourages discussion with and among students, and provides a quick and easy way to answer questions and broadcast information to all course users. Every discussion board is organized into FORUMS and then into THREADS. A forum is a space within a discussion board dedicated to a particular topic; discussion boards will often contain multiple forums. Within each forum, users will post and reply to messages—or threads—on a specific topic. Instructors can enable grading in discussion boards by forum or by thread.

If grading has been enabled, instructors can access a grading interface that feeds into the GRADE CENTER, from inside the forum itself. Instructors can also make use of grading RUBRICS within forums to facilitate the grading process.

  1. Navigate to the Forum you would like to grade, and then click the Grade Forum button.
  2. Click the Grade button nest to the student you would like to assign a grade to. This will open up the grading interface.
  3. Click the Edit Grade button.
  4. In the grading interface, click the View Rubric button to view the rubric for this forum.
  5. Assign a point value in the Current Grade Value field.
  6. If desired, provide feedback to the student.
  7. If desired, provide grading notes, which are visible to all instructors and TAs.
  8. Click Save Grade.
  9. The assigned mark and any feedback will now be posted in the Forum Grade area of the forum, and in the Grade Center column associated with this forum.

Please Note:
Students will only be able to see forum grades if the instructor makes the Grade Center column associated with the forum visible to students.