Group Assignments

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The Assignment tool allows instructors to provide the details of an assignment, and have students submit their completed assignments online. Students have access to an assignment for a specified period of time.

When submitting work for a Group Assignment:

  • The grade that is given for the final assignment is given to every member in the group
  • Prior to clicking Submit, clicking Save as Draft saves Assignments within the course Group area

Group Assignments are accessed from a content area in the Course Menu like individual assignments. They are also accessible in the My Groups module.

Note: Your Instructor or Teaching Assistant will send you information on where and how to access the link to submit your assignment. 
Assignments may be submitted in three ways:

    a) by entering the appropriate text in the Submission text box
    b) by attaching a file from a local drive or
    c) from the Content Collection or by using both of these fields together

To Submit Work for a Group Assignment:

  1. a. Click the Content Area from the Course Menu that holds the Assignment in the Course Menu (e.g., Content or Assignments area)
    b. Or, click My Groups module to access the Group Assignment. 
Click here for more information on My Groups.
  2. Click the name of the Assignment. The Upload Assignment page appears.
  3. Carefully read and follow specific instructions outlined by your Instructor and the due date assigned.
  4. Complete the Text Submission field if requested by the instructor.

  5. Beside Attach Files, click Browse My Computer or Browse Content Collection and select a file to attach. Special characters in the file name will be replaced with underscores "_".
    a. Browse My Computer
    1. Click Browse for Local File
    2. Locate file on your personal computer. Select the file and click Open.

      Available as of May 8, 2017

      In order to upload an attachment, you can drag files from your computer and drop them into the hot spot in the Attach Files area.

      Student Assignment Attachment Screenshot

    b. Browse Content Collection

    1. Click Browse Content Collection. A pop-up window will appear.
    2. Select the file you want to upload from your Content Collection to the Assignment tool.
    3. Click Submit. The pop-up window will close.
  6. Complete the Comments field if necessary.
  7. Click Submit when the page is complete.
    Submit will submit your assignment. If you are required to submit multiple files, you should submit all files at the same time, once you click submit you cannot alter your submission.
    Cancel will ignore any additions you have made to the assignment.

    Save as Draft allows you to save the changes you have made to the assignment, so that you may return to it within the due date.

    Available as of May 8, 2017

    After your submission is successful, a green banner will appear at the top of the window (as shown below) that includes a "submission confirmation number.It is highly recommended take a screen capture of the submission confirmation number and retain it for your records.

    Screen capture of assignment submission confirmation banner for Blackboard Learn version 9.1 Q4 2016