Hide or Show a Grade Column to Students

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When you create a new Grade Column, you are asked to select whether you wish to Show This Column to Students (see Add Grade Columns).  If at any time you wish to change this setting (for example, if you wish to review grades entered by TAs or Graders before releasing them to students).

We recommend that you hide the Total and Weighted Total columns from students. Both of these columns may reveal final grades; final grades should only be communicated to via ROSI. 


Toggle Column Visibility On or Off

In the Grade Center:

  1. Click the grey circle to the right of the column's header to reveal the menu;
  2. From the menu click Hide from Students (on/off). This menu item will toggle visibilty on and off, depending on existing column seettings.
    1. Columns that are invisible to students will display an icon, featuring a grey circle crossed through with a red line, in the column header
    2. Columns that are visible to students have no icons in the column header.

Note: If you wish to make a Grade Column unavailable to students, do not select Hide from Instructor View here.  That option makes the column invisible to the instructor and not the students.

Show or Hide the Total Column

The Total column cannot be toggled on or off through the contextual menu. To hide the Total column:

  1. In the Grade Center, hover your mouse in the column header to reveal the contextual menu button. Click on this button to reveal the menu;
  2. From the menu select Edit Column Information;
  3. On the next page, scroll down to Options and select No next to Show this Column to Students;
  4. Click Submit.