iClicker Student Registration

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Registering your iClicker on Blackboard

Students should register their iClicker remotes (new and used) through their Portal (Blackboard) course.  Please contact your instructor if you do not see the iClicker Student Remote Registration link in your Portal course.

iClicker regularly deletes registration information. You must re-register your iClicker unit AT THE BEGINNING OF EACH SEMESTER.
iClickers may only be registered to one student in each course. Your responses will not be recorded if another student in your course has registered the same iClicker unit.

Youtube "play video" iconVideo: Register your iClicker

Registering Used iClicker Remotes

If you have purchased a used remote, register your remote in your Portal course to avoid the possibility of a $6.99 used remote registration fee.
NOTE: As of December 31, 2014, students who register their used iClicker remote online through the registration web page on the iclicker.com website will be charged a one-time fee of $6.99.

To register your iClicker:

  1. Log on to the Portal at https://portal.utoronto.ca.
  2. Under My Courses, click on the course that is using iClicker.
  3. On the course menu on the left-hand side, click on iClicker Student Registration (you may need to confirm the name of the menu item with your instructor).
  4. Locate the Remote ID code. It is printed on the white sticker found on the back of the iClicker, and consists of a series of numbers and sometimes letters.

Location of ID on the back of the remote


  1. Enter the code in the Remote ID field.

iClicker student registration - entering ID number in field

  1.  Click Submit.

Your iClicker is now registered.