Manage Grading Colour Codes in the Grade Center

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CREATE COLOUR rules in the Grade Center are visual indicators to help you interpret information quickly. An instructor can create rules and apply colour to the cells in the Grade Center grid, either by grade or status.

By default, colour coding is not enabled in the Grade Center and must be enabled by instructors. Colour coding can enabled in any Grade Center view. Once you define and save the colour rules, the colour coding applies to all views. This setting persists when the course is copied and restored.

An instructor can choose to turn colour coding on and off or edit the colour rules you have created.

Note:  If you create a rule that contains some of the same information as another rule, the system generates a warning, allowing you to edit your criteria.

NB: This menu is an expandable and collapsible menu. If it is collapsed, click on the caret to the left of the menu item to expand the menu.

  1. Navigate to the Control Panel, click Grade Center and then select Full Grade Center.
  2. Click Manage to access the drop-down list and then click Grading Color Codes.
  3. Once you have enabled colour coding, the Hide/Show Color Coding function appears on the Action Bar (top right of screen) in the Grade Center.

    To turn Color Coding On and Off in any view of the Grade Center, click Hide Color Coding on the Action Bar to remove all defined colors from the cells. The color rules are retained