Organize the Grade Center

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The Grade Center has features that allow Instructors, TAs and Graders to customize the way data in the Grade Center is displayed to make information easier to enter and review.  This includes the ability to Organize Grade Center.

You can customize the way Grade Center is displayed using the Column Organization page. The Column Organization page displays rows representing Grade Center columns.  You can manipulate these rows to re-order, hide and add columns to your Grade Center views.

To change the Grade Center display using the Column Organization page:

  1. In Grade Center, click on the double arrow action link on the Manage button and select Column Organization.

On the Column Organization page, you can modify the ways columns are displayed and grouped in several ways:

Items that have an arrow symbol to their left indicate that they can be dragged and dropped in any one of the sections on the Column Organization Page.

You can change the order in which columns will be displayed by dragging items into their desired order.

  1. Shown in All Grade Center Views indicates columns that will always be visible to the instructor and TA whether they are viewing the Full Grade Center or the data for a particular Grading Period or Smart View.

    You can select additional columns to be Shown in All Grade Center Views (for example, the Total or Weighted Grade) by dragging and dropping these columns from the Shown in Selected Views Only into the Shown in All Grade Center Views box or by clicking on the checkbox next to the column you wish to add and selecting Show Selected Columns in All Grade Center Views from the Show/Hide button.  
  2. Frozen Columns will always remain visible on the screen even when a Grade Center user has scrolled across columns. You can freeze additional columns by dragging and dropping them into the Frozen Columns box.
  3. You can modify the Grading Period of a test or assignment by:

    a. Clicking the checkbox next to the relevant assignment; and
    b. Selecting the Grading Period with which you wish to associate these assignments from the Change Grading Period To button.
  4. You can change the Category of a test or assignment by:

    a. Clicking the checkbox next to the relevant test or assignment; and
    b. Selecting the relevant assessment Category from the Change Category To button.
  5. You can Hide or Show Selected Columns (see Hide Grade Columns above) by:

    a. Clicking the checkbox beside the columns you wish to show or hide; and
    b. Selecting Hide Selected Columns or Show Selected Columns from the Show/Hide button. 
  6. Once you have completed all your changes, click Submit.