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The ANNOUNCEMENT tool allows you to communicate with all members of your course. For example, you may use this tool to share information about changes to course meetings, times or locations, inform students that new materials are available, or send out reminders about course work.  Announcements are displayed to users on the Announcements page. You can also opt to distribute announcements by email to all users.

NOTE: Attachments and files embedded in the announcement text are not viewable to students from within the email, unless they are signed into the Portal beforehand. To avoid confusion, it is advised that instructors include a message to students at the bottom of the announcement asking them to view the full announcement in the Portal.
In addition, message recipients will see the instructor's email address in the Reply-To field in the email client, and may choose to reply directly to the instructor's email address.

Go to Control Panel. Click on Course Tools and select Announcements.

  1. Ensure that Edit Mode is ON.
  2. Click Create Announcement.
  3. Enter a Subject for the announcement.
  4. Enter Announcement text.
  5. Verify Date Restricted has been selected and check the box for Display After to set the duration of the Announcement.
    • If Not Date Restricted has been selected the announcement will remain visible until it is manually removed.
    • Click the Email Announcement checkbox to notify Instructors and Students of the course by email that a new announcement has been added. 
  6. If you wish to link to an item or area in your Blackboard course, click Browse under the Course Link section to locate and add the link. The email will not include any links to course content, but students can see the link when viewing the announcement from within Portal.
  7. Click Submit.


Video Walkthrough