Post to a Wiki

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A WIKI is a collaborative space within a course where students can view, contribute, and edit content. Wikis can be used as a resource for course information, study guides, lecture and reading notes, simple group sign-ups and much more.

A wiki consists of one or multiple pages. Any course user can create a wiki page. Each page is a collaborative document that can be viewed and edited by all course participants. Instructors can monitor which users have made changes to the wiki, and when those changes were made, using the tool’s versioning capabilities.

NOTE: Wikis currently only support asynchronous editing. When a user is editing a page, others are prevented from editing the same page for 2 minutes. If multiple users need to edit a Wiki page at the same time, they may encounter issues.

Wikis can be added to any Content Area or directly to the course menu by using a TOOL LINK.

  1. Navigate to the wiki you would like to post to, and then click the Edit Wiki Content button for the page you would like to edit.
  2. Edit the content of the wiki page.
  3. Click Submit to save your changes.

Known Issue: Any attached images will have their width constrained to 350px.  Blackboard has slated a fix for a future release.