Review Updates and Changes

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Particularly if multiple TAs, Graders or Instructors are each adding and changing data in the Grade Center, you may wish to review recent changes to Grade Center data through the View Grade History tool or review changes to a particular grade through View Grade Details

View Grade History
The Grade History page provides a record of all updates made in the Grade Center.  This record can be sorted to provide a chronological overview of changes; to review changes made by a particular user; or to review changes made to a particular student record.

  1. In the Grade Center, click Reports and select View Grade History.

You can now:

A. Download the Grade History

  1. From the Grade History page, click Download.
  2. Under Options:
    a. Select the Delimiter Type: Comma or Tab   (Recommended – can be opened directly as an Excel or compatible spreadsheet).
    b. Select whether you wish to Include Comments on grades.  This will download Feedback to User and Instructor Notes in addition to the grade data in each Grade Column.
  3. Click Submit
  4. Click Download and then choose to Open or Save the file
  5. Click OK

B.  Display the Grade History for a particular date range

  1. From the Grade History page, select the drop down menu for Show Entries from Past and then select the date range for which you wish to view the Grade History. Click Go to change the display.

C. Sort information in the Grade History

  1. From the Grade History page, click on the title of the column you wish to sort.

NOTE: Click on the title of the column again to reverse the sorting of the column.

D. Clear the Grade History

  1. From the Grade History page, click Clear Grade History.
  2. Click OK on the notification pop-up.

NOTE: Once cleared, information in the Grade History cannot be restored.

View Grade Details
The Grade Details page acts as a log file for each cell.  All changes to that grade are recorded, and all notes and comments are visible. 

To view Grade Details:

  1. Move your cursor to the cell for which you’d like to view Grade Details. Click the double arrow action link on the right hand side of the cell.  Select View Grade Details from the drop-down menu.

This will take you to a Grade Details page.  This page allows you to review:

a.  Current cell data under Current Grade Value.
b.  Grades and feedback provided for earlier versions of an assignment under Attempts.
c.  A log of all changes to current cell data under Grade History.

       2.  Click OK when you are finished reviewing information.