Sending and Receiving Email

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Why am I not receiving e-mail messages from the instructor?
A: Change your email address listed in ROSI to a university-issued e-mail address. You get a university-ussed e-mail address at the same time you activate your UTORid and Password. You can check your UofT email account at

The Basics

All of Blackboard's correspondence is sent to a university-issued e-mail address; this is university policy. Due to this policy, in order to receive email from Blackboard, you must update ROSI with your official university-issued e-mail address. Until you do this step, you will not be able to receive email sent through Blackboard by your instructor.

While the policy does not preclude forwarding your University e-mail to an external provider such as Hotmail, Gmail, etc., this is not recommended. Forwarding is appreciably less reliable than direct delivery, and special attention should be paid to the section of the policy that states:

Students have the right to forward their University-issued electronic mail account to another electronic mail service provider address but remain responsible for ensuring that all University electronic message communication sent to the official University-issued account is received and read.

Sending email

  • Login into the Portal
  • Click on your Course
  • Click Tools
  • Click Send Email. The options available are defined by your Instructor. You may or may not be able to send email to all course users, groups, Instructors or TAs or to select users.
    • Type a subject heading
    • Type the body of your message
    • Attach a file if required (limited to 5 Mb).
  • Click Submit, then OK

When corresponding within your Blackboard account, please note that when you send an email to others, you will receive a copy of your message in a university-issued e-mail address.