Session Creation and Management

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Default Sessions

For every course, Blackboard Collaborate generates two types of rooms that require no scheduling.

  1. Course Room: A room provided for your course that is available for the duration of the course.
  2. My Room: A room provided for each instructor. The room is accessible across all your courses.

To remove the Course Room and My Room from the Blackboard Collaborate page:

  1. Go to the Control Panel and expand Customization.
  2. Click on Tool Availability.
  3. Check off the Blackboard Collaborate Course Room and My Room checkbox.
  4. Click Submit to save the changes.


To Create a Session

  1. On the Control Panel, expand Course Tools, or go to Tools on the Course Menu
  2. Select Blackboard Collaborate
  3. On the Blackboard Collaborate Scheduling Manager page, you will be able to launch rooms (My Room and Course Room) and create a new session.

  4. To create a new session, under Schedule a Session, click the Create Session button.
  5. Under Session Information, enter in a Session Name (course name will be listed by default).
  6. Choose the Start and End Dates and Times.
  7. If you would like the session to Repeat, switch the OFF button to ON and select your criteria.

  8. Set how Early attendees can enter the session.
  9. To configure the Room Options, click on the following areas:

    A. Session Type:
    Course - all users that are enrolled in the course can attend the session.
    Shared - all users that are registered in courses that you are teaching can attend the session.

    B. Teleconference Options:
    Teleconferencing allows participants to join a webinar via audio communications using telephony. This can be used when participants do not have acess to a high quality Internet connection. Teleconferencing is disabled by default and you may opt to use either the built-in option (charges may appply) or a third party service. 

    Use built-in - Blackboard Collaborate will generate the teleconference number, code and PIN. Please note that the phone number provided is not toll free, long distance charges may apply.

    Built-in Teleconference

    Use third party - if another method is needed.
    Do not use teleconference - if you only want to use VoiP where students use their built in speakers or USB headset to hear audio transmission.

    For more information on the Teleconferencing Options, please see this guide.

    C. Room Attributes:
    Recording Mode - controls the recording for the session. Manual is where moderators control starting and pausing the recording. Automatic is where the recording will start when the first participant joins the session. Disabled is where the recording option is not available.
    Max Simultaneous Talkers - controls the maximum number of people that can speak at the same time (1 to 6).
    Max Cameras – controls the maximum number of webcams that are able to be broadcasted at any given time (1 to 6).
    View Private Messages – will enable moderators to view any private chat messages.
    All Permissions – when set to ON, will allow participants to have audio, video, chat and whiteboard permissions when they join the session. Throughout the session moderators can remove/add permissions.
    Raise Hand on Entry – when set to ON, all users will have their hand raised when they join the session.
    Allow In-Session Invitations – when set to ON, moderators can invite users to join the session
    Allow Guests – when set to ON, external users can join the session.
    Hide Names in Recordings – when set to ON, names of the users will be hidden during the recording.
    Preload Content – allows you to load files needed for the session in advance. Only accepts the following file types: *.wbd, *.wbp, *.elp, *.elpx, *.swf, *.m4v, *.mp4, *.mpg, *.mpeg, *.mpe, *.mp3, *.qt, *.mov or *.wmv.
    Notes – allows you to instructions to be displayed to parcipants before they enter the session.

    D. Grade Center Integration:
    Allows you to view the attendance report for the completed session and assign points. A column in the Grade Center is automatically generated.

    E. Assign Roles:
    All users join as moderators - gives all users moderator permissions.
    Restrict access to this session - if selected allows you to assign users as moderators and/or participants. Please note only those selected will be able to join the session.
  10. Click Save to create the session and will be listed on the Blackboard Collaborate Scheduling Manager page. All available and upcoming sessions will be listed on and accessed through this page.


If you cannot access the tool:

If your request for access has been processed but you still cannot see Blackboard Collaborate under Course Tools, it may need to be turned on.

  1. Go to the Control Panel and expand Customization
  2. Click on Tool Availability
  3. Check the Blackboard Collaborate Scheduling Manager checkbox
  4. Click Submit