Sharing a Presentation

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Collaborate allows moderators to load presentation files directly into the Whiteboard for later display to participants.  PowerPoint presentations (.ppt .pptx) and OpenOffice presentations (.ppt, .pptx, .sxi and .odp) can be loaded into Collaborate using the Load Content button.  PowerPoint or OpenOffice must be installed on the machine in use in order to upload and convert the presentation.

Please view the Loading a PowerPoint File Quick Reference Guide1 (pdf) to learn more.

Please note:

  • Additional presentations can be added sequentially by using the Page Explorer.  The newly added presentation will appear after the currently selected page/slide
  • Powerpoint presentations added to Collaborate will lose all animations and transitions, if they are required please refer to the document on Application Sharing
  • Very large Powerpoint files can take a considerable amount of time to upload.  To avoid delays at the begining of a session, upload the file in advance and save the presentation as a Collaborate slide deck (.wbd).  Collaborate slide decks can be preloaded so they available at launch of a session, regardless of if the moderator is present, to learn more see Preloading Content.


1 Resources provided by Blackboard Collaborate (