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Turnitin will be available in the Portal for Fall 2016 courses.

For Summer 2016 courses, please follow the instructions provided by your Instructor when submitting an assignment to Turnitin.

Important note about student email addresses: The integration of Turnitin into our Learning Portal requires a unique email address to submit an assignment. University of Toronto policy (PDF) requires that students use a University of Toronto issued email address for communication with the University.  If the email address on record in ROSI/ACORN does not meet the University policy, no email address will be entered into the Learning Portal.  In this case, submission of a Turnitin Assignment will not be possible.  Please check and update your email address before attempting to submit a Turnitin Assignment.


To Submit to a Turnitin Assignment

Note: Turnitin is used to check for textual similarity, and not for the grading of assignments. Therefore, it is possible your instructor will ask you to complete an additional step when submitting assignments.  If so, please see the page on Submitting Blackboard Assignments for more information.

Video: Submit to a Turnitin Assignment in Portal

  1. Select the appropriate menu item from the Course Menu. Please ask your Instructor if unsure which menu item contains the Turnitin assignment.
  1. Click on the name of the assignment.
  1. You will be redirected to the Assignment Dashboard. Click on the name of the assignment once again to display the assignment instructions. Then click on the upload button.

Select the Turnitin assignment once again

  1. Choose the Submission type.  Your instructor may have specified which they prefer.
  1. Enter the Submission title. Click on Select a file to upload to locate and select your file, or Copy & paste your submission into the appropriate text box. As a best practice, we recommend you include your first and last name in the name of the file you are submitting.

Select submission type, enter submission title and select file to upload


  1. Click Accept Submission & Save.

Click on Accept submission - save

  1. Your submission will be displayed in the Assignment Dashboard. If student viewing of Originality Reports has been turned on, you will be able to access the Originality Report after it has completed processing. Originality Report is usually available within 5-10 minutes from the time you submit your assessment. To get an acknowlegement that Turnitin received your paper, click on the Digital Receipt icon.

    Please print out or write down the Submission ID number when it comes up on screen after the paper is accepted. If you do not see the Submission ID Number, then the paper was not accepted and you will need to go through the process again.

Get digital receipt and/or originality report if applicable

  1. If resubmissions are enabled, you may resubmit your assignment by clicking on the upload button and returning to Step 3. Originality Reports for the second or subsequent submissions will take up to 24 hours to generate.


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