Test Access Log

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The ACCESS LOG allows instructors and TAs to verify student activity or lack of activity during a TEST. The information in the Test Access Log is helpful in situations when it is necessary to confirm activity such as whether or not a student began a test, ran into a problem while taking the test, or properly submitted the test. Instructors and other users who are granted permission can view the Access Log for a test by locating the student attempt in the Grade Center, viewing the student's Attempts page, and clicking the Access Log button.

Available as of May 8, 2017

Instructors will be able to send reminders to students about incomplete coursework, including tests. More information is available on the Send Reminder page.

  1. Go to the FULL GRADE CENTER, locate the column associated with the test, and click the arrow action link to the right of the student score (or the Needs Grading  symbol) to display the options menu. Select the attempt that you wish to display the Access Log for.Grade Center
  2. In the Attempts page and under the Test Information header, click the Access Log button next to the Time Elapsed information.
    Test Information
  3. The Access Log displays with information. Each row logs a specific activity made by a test taker. The first column indicates the date and time that the activity was recorded. The next column indicates the type of access made by the student (i.e. test started, question number accessed, etc.). The Test Time column indicates the time that elapsed in the test when the activity was logged.
    NOTE: The Time Spent column does not represent the actual time a student spent on each question. 
    Test Access Log