UT Course Grafter tool

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The UT COURSE GRAFTER allows an Instructor to merge the enrollments of two (or more) courses into a new course. After courses are grafted together, a new course shell is created that contains all the students and instructors from the original courses. For example, the course grafter can be used to merge multiple sections of the same course into one Blackboard course shell.

To enable the UT Course Grafter tool:

  1. Log in to the Portal. Click the Add Module button, located in the top left corner of your My Page.
  2. On the next page, type the following into the search field: ut course grafter. Click Go.
  3. a. Click (More)… to read more information on UT Course Grafter and preview the module. Or,
    b. Click the link for UT Course Grafter to preview the module. Click the link again to close the preview.
    c. Click Add button to add the module to your My Page.
  4. A confirmation message ‘Adding module to the page’ will appear briefly. Once it disappears, click the green My Page tab (top of page) to return to your My Page. The UT Course Grafter module will be added to the bottom of your My Page; scroll down until you can see it.

To use the UT Course Grafter tool:

  1. On your My Page you will now see the UT Course Grafter module. This module lists all of the courses you are teaching. 
  2. Select the courses you wish to graft using the check boxes.
  3. Click Submit
  4. Amend the name of the new course
    • The default name is a combination of the courses being grafted
  5. The Course ID is automatically generated to maintain contact with ROSI
    • Optional: Enter a description
  6. Make the course available to students by choosing yes or no
  7. Click Submit.


  • If the original courses were available to students, you (and your students) will still have access those courses. If you do not want your students to use the original courses you should make them unavailable.
  • A grafted course only contains the enrollments of the original courses; the UT Course Grafter module does not merge the content of the original courses into the merged course. You can however use the Course Copy tool to copy existing course material into your newly created merged/combined course.
  • Enrollments in grafted courses are now updated automatically.