View a Rubric While Grading

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A Rubric is a tool that lists evaluation criteria for an assignment. Rubrics can help instructors and TAs explain their evaluations to students. Rubrics can be viewed as a grading widget in Blogs, Journals, Wikis, and Discussion Boards. Rubrics are not displayed to students. Instructors or TAs can also associate the Rubric to a grading column in the Grade Center and view the Rubric while assigning a grade. Rubrics can also be viewed from the Grade Details page within the Grade Center.

A Rubric will need to be added to the assignment in the Grade Center prior to grading within the course tool. Adding Rubrics is only available through the Grade Center.

  1. Access the Blog, Wiki, Journal, or Discussion Board that you would like to grade.
  2. Click Edit Grade on the right hand side of the page.

    NB: Grading MUST be enabled for the assignment in order for this option to appear.
  3. Click View Rubric to view any associated Rubrics with that assignment. The associated Rubrics will open in a pop-up window for you to select.
  4. Provide a grade in the Current Grade Value text box.
  5. Provide any Feedback to the Student or any Grading Notes for the Instructor.
  6. Click Save Grade when you are finished.